Chocolate and salted caramel cupcakes

As there are some other colleagues leaving the company I wanted to bake something and came upon this sweet and luscious recipe. 

Came home last night after a third 12 hour shift and baked. Originally was going to bake tonight but then I just felt like baking last night. 

Cleaning up after took way longer than the actual baking lol. 

The finished product looks like so.

The recipe stated it will be about 22-24 cupcakes but ended up with 28cupcakes. I usually like to share and let my mom and boyfriend try some as well as my critics. I decided to change up the decorations a little bit for the portion of my mom, my boyfriend and mom’s work place by crumbling up a cupcake into pieces and putting them on top. This was not originally planned but as I did not have cupcake liners last night and some of the bottom stuck to the pan because I did not think of spraying them with non stick spray first. All a learning experience lol. But I dont think it looks so bad. 

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