Joah! 11/13/2017


Sarang unni, (unni is referred to a fellow female that is older than you in korean usually used to people that are close with you like a sister) finally came to visit New York for 10 days and we decided on today to meet up and try out this restuarant. This place is like a fusion boonshik (boonshik is usually used for fast food restaurants but korean type of of fast food). I say it is fusion because their menu also features food that is not korean like pasta and hamburgers. I got the chadol steak salad (chadol is korean thinly shaved breek brisket). It is a salad that I have never tried before. It tasted pretty good with the smokiness coming from the brisket. The dressing was light and a good complement. It was paired with onions, mushrooms and mixed greens which is a good pairing with the brisket making the meal feel lighter. It was good portion size for me.

Sarang unni got the cheese don katsu (donkatsu is a traditional korean boonshik item which is fried pork chop that has been thinly pounded). It is usually paired with rice, some sweet corn, little salad. This restaurant paired with rice, salad and mashed potato. She gave me 2 pieces of the katsu to try it was pretty good as it was thin and crispy.  I have tried some that were too thick and not as crispy.


We ate and chat for 2.5 hours! It was really nice to be able to meet up with her and chat. Can not wait for her wonderful wedding on 12/29 in Boston in which I will be performing two dances during the reception!

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