Cote (11.20.2017)

I could not have asked for a better night with my wonderful girls from junior high school (JHS) tonight.


When we met up last month we all decided to meet up once a month so for this month after I came across this new 1 Michelin Star Korean BBQ Steakhouse on facebook, I was set on making this the place we go to next. I was so excited as the meat is dry aged. We all met up and we did the butcher’s feast for 4 as this enabled us to dry the different cuts of meat with all the side soups, egg souffle, seasonal vegetables ending with soft serve vanilla ice cream with salted caramel drizzle. This prix fie option was $45 per person which is a pretty good deal considering the price it would be if we were to try different cuts individually.

Cote means flower in korean which is pronounced ‘kkot’.


Going from the left lower corner is hanger steak, then above that is rib eye steak, next to it is kalbi (marinated short ribs) and below it is the flatiron. They were all delicious so tender and melt in your mouth. Our waiter recommended us to eat in the order of hanger steak, rib eye, flatiron and kalbi .


The butcher’s feast comes with scallion salad (mixed greens with gochujang vinaigrette), red leaf lettuce and perilla leaf with ssamjang to make your ssam – which is making a wrap with lettuce and put your meat, the ssamgjang sauce and if you want the scallion salad or other accompaniment like the kimchi and radish kimchi that is also served as banchan. They also had picked seasonal vegetables on the side with savory korean style egg souffle, spicy kimchi stew and savory dwen-jang stew. Once we started eating I forgot to take a picture of the table with the stew and rice that came out a little later when we were done with the 2 cuts of meat. 

As Grace and I went downstairs to go to the bathroom we found the place where the dry aging of the meat was taking place. Pretty cool~ ^^

After a good meal expecting dessert, Stacy (birthday 11/18) and I (birthday 10/21) were surprised with a belated birthday cake prepared by Fion and Grace. It was such a sweet and wonderful surprise ^^. The cake was delicious, fruity and not too sweet refreshing finish to a rich meal.


They even put a candle for the ice cream (vanilla ice cream with salted caramel drizzle) that comes as part of the dessert in the butcher’s feast. The ice cream was really good.


As of today I started taking polaroid photos as well. Will begin to finally make my scrapbook that I have been thinking about doing for a really long time. Next up is a sleepover a wonderful idea that was suggested by Grace. ^^


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