Holiday cookies 12.23.17

Although I recently went through a big break up with my 5 year boyfriend who has betrayed me with another girl, studying for the MCAT and the holidays is keeping me going. Although we have many great memories together but that is only the surface and so many has happened within the relationship that only me and my ex-boyfriend knows and went through. As people say although on social media one may look happy you never know and I feel that was for our relationship case as well unfortunately. So since 2 years ago when I started working at Citymd, I made cookie goodie bags and wrote a card for each co worker every year as well as for my choir family at church. To keep this tradition going I did it once again this year. Knowing that writing the cards themselves take 1-2 hours I have written them 2-3weeks in advance. For both groups I had 63people.

I usually do three types of cookies. I really liked the lemon ricotta cookies with lemon glaze so that one I kept. Knowing my Astoria fam bam likes chocolate flavor I decided on two chocolate types. One was cinnamon spiced hot chocolate cookies and the other one being double chocolate sable cookies.

For the two chocolate doughs, I had made them in advance 2 days prior when I came home from work early on my half day shift as the dough needed to be refrigerated beforehand shaping them into logs storing them into plastic air tight bags. As I doubled the recipe for all cookies, the two types of dough took 2 hours including cleaning up afterwards.

Yesterday on my day off finally sliced and baked the cookies. Made the lemon ricotta cookie dough finally and baked that as well.

I also created label for each goodie bag myself written what cookies were in the bag and labeled each one with the name.

With the bagging and cleaning up included with the time I took a rest in between was a total of 5 hours yesterday. But hard work pays off *^^* as it makes me feel joyful inside when people are happy and enjoy the cookies. Even some that may not like cookies or baked goods in general enjoyed them hehe. All recipes credit go to food network.

Everyone who tried them said that they were delicious. So I guess that is another successful year of cookie giving! *^^*

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