Treats for my prego unni*^^*

I know I have not posted in about 2 months I have been busy with work and studying. Now that I took my MCAT, my time is a little more free now. For today’s post it will be about my recent baking.

My colleague at work, whom I have gotten close with fortunately, is pregnant due on 3/31 and I wanted to bake some goodies for her. I decided to make pistachio pinwheel cookies and caramel brownies.

She loved the brownies *^^* I was happy to see her enjoy them. Brownies were an easy recipe just made the caramel and the dough for the pistachio cookies the day before as it needed refrigerating process in between. Otherwise it was pretty much an effortless baking recipe.

I will soon be going on a 2nights, 3 days trip to Los Angeles, California next month for which I will post hopefully exciting stories then. Until then stay tuned *^^*! Maybe one or two more stories before that xP.

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