Day 1 in LA (3.15)

I arrived in LA at 9pm on 3.14 arriving to my hotel by 11pm on Lyft. Even though I was tired I still unpacked and washed up before going to sleep.

I already had planned out my 3days 2nights trip through my trusty app “visitacity” . I woke up earlier than I intended so I just started my day earlier. I did my usual morning body weight work out which is probable anywhere you are. Then I took a shower got ready and headed out to Starbucks which was only 2minutes away. I had a banana which I brought with me as a simple breakfast. Right by my Loews Hollywood Hotel, is the walk of fame, Dolby theatre and Madame Toussands.

After that I took an uber to visit the hollywood sign which the driver was nice enough to take pictures of me and drive me back down as there was no conenction on top of the hill.

Second destination was Universal Studios city walk which reminded me of Times Square back home.

At the gift shop

I wanted to buy the Gryffindor robe but it costs 115 x.x lol maybe next time I come to go to the actual park.

Afterwards I went to Venice Beach. FYI as I need to relearn how to drive as I never drove since my driving test lol I used either uber or lyft for the whole trip which the costs weren’t too bad.

It was sort of a rachet area but it was still a nice beach and the wall paintings were amazing. I also found the perfect late lunch spot which I fell in love with.

The lunch place I fell in love with is called Dune. They have a total of three locations in Los Angeles. I got the avocado toast with tomato confit and added organic 8 minute egg. It was bigger and filling than I thought it would be. Most of all it was delicious. I had a sparkling water with it.

After that I headed over to the Getty Center Museum and Central Garden before meeting up with Christine unni who lives here as an actress. It was after 6 years since Stony Brook University.

The garden was so beautiful.

Finally headed back to the universal city walk to meet my unni! I was so excited! Thanks to her had an amazing closure with dinner and butter beer. She had an annual pass membership so she went in the park to get me and her the frozen butter beer. It was a delicious guilty treat. We ate dinner at the Margaritville got

the ahi tuna nachos and the blackened salmon salad.

To end the night finally, I went to the Griffith Observatory. It was cold but the view was amazing!!

I also had time to explore the museum before it closed at 10pm.

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