Day 2 in LA (3/16/18)

For my second and last real day in LA before leaving tomorrow morning, I had made a reservation at Blossom Spa yesterday for 10:45am today. I received a deep tissue body massage. It hurt but relieved a lot of the many knots I had in my neck and shoulders. It was a nice relaxing morning. The walk was only 15minutes.

On my way to the spa, I discovered the beginning of the walk of fame!

Afterwards I headed to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills the rich neighborhood. Reminded me of 5th Avenue in Manhattan back home.

After walking around and stopping by Starbucks, I went to Santa Monica Pier. It was beautiful! The carnival aspect reminded me of Luna Park back home. Thankfully it was sunny while I was there.

Was able to get some pictures of myself with the water with a help of a nice gentleman who was also taking pictures at the moment.

Then I walked out of the pier and around Santa Monica a little bit before heading over to Grand Central Market. There were a lot of traffic and two other people in the uber with me. I arrived finally around 4:20pm about an hour later. It became cloudy and cold now the sun has gone away.

Across the street I knew there was an Italian restaurant Maccheroni Republic. I was hungry so before going into the market, I went in for late lunch early dinner. The pasta and complimentary bread was amazing! All the pasta is freshly hand made! I got the

Boccoletti Al Pesto e Ricotta
long curly pasta with a sweet basil pesto & riccotta cheese


The pesto was perfect with the right amount of nuttiness and garlicky flavor not too overpowering. The ricotta cheese tasted fresh. After a delicious meal savoring every bite I crossed the street into the grand central market. I made a good choice to eat at the restaurant as I was not craving anything at the market for the moment.

After I set out to walk to Bottega Louie which was only a 15minute walk from the market. It was dessert time~

The tiramisu was the best I ever had! So creamy and the one with the most coffee flavor. The verines (meaning layered in this type of cup) dessert was butterscotch and cappuccino pana cotta. The third was a chocolate hazelnut beignet which was soft and delish. It was a nice relaxing time as I took time to enjoy the dessert and start writing my blog.

To end the night and my last venture I stopped by the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). Of course I had to get the signature picture by the lamps. *^^*

When I got there, it was still drizzling. A photographer wanted me to be a model in his pictures and I also got help getting pictures on my phone of me.

What a wonderful ending to my short but fulfilling and fun trip in Los Angeles. It was my first solo successful trip. Can’t wait to do more solo adventures and sometime soon when time permits with my friends as well.

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