Thirsty Koala 4.22.18

Today finally met up with my best friends from JHS. We last met up in November 20, 2017 at Cote.

Unfortunately today, Grace couldn’t make it as she is busy packing to move to California as she got the position as a chef in Napa Valley restaurant called The French Laundry.

So I had made reservations at The Thirsty Koala an Australian restaurant located in Ditmars. Never been to an Australian restaurant decided to try it. Stacy was on her way after training for her lifting competition so it was just Fion and I then Stacy to join us after dinner. But fion and I took a little while to decide what we wanted and as we were finishing our appetizers, Stacy arrived in time to join us ^^.

As a starter before our appetizer came out we were given complementary bread and kalmata olive tapenade. I belive the bread was brushed with some olive oil and herbs. The bread was really soft and the olive tapenade was delicious with a hint of heat.

For appetizers we got the Australian Sausage Rolls (pastured beef, pork belly, shallots and fennel seed wrapped in puff pastry with a side salad). It was pretty good for a dish that we never tried before. The sausage had a hint of heat which was nice as sausage itself can be heavy and oily.

For entree, Fion ordered the Beer Battered Wild Alaskan Cod and Chips which came with a side of fries. The batter was super light as it was beer batter and the cod was fresh.

I got the Wild Salmon en Papillote (wild king salmon filet baked in parchment paper with sundried tomato, sliced Kalmata olives, Dodonis feta, sliced fresh lemon, garlic and herbs.) I love salmon *^^* it was cooked perfectly and it was fresh as the meat was flaky and light only needing a fork to eat it. All the condiments I liked were on it. Every element complimenting each other. I had it with sweet potato shoe string fries which came with two sauces (ketchup and a spicy glaze). I liked the spicy glaze.

Stacy ordered an appetizer as she had a sandwich before getting here. She decided to get the Darling Harbour Street Tacos (artisanal corn tortillas, fresh cabbage, pico de gallo, avocado, daikon, house made aioli, charred salsa Verde, fresh coriander) with Australian pastured hanger steak. It was a bigger plate than we expected. Fion and I shared one taco. The meat was a bit gamier than a regular beef hanger steak but still really good with the side sauce that had a bit of heat.

Last but not least, we got some dessert. We got the koala chocolate truffle(dark chocolate truffle topped with ice cream and fresh chocolate syrup) and sticky date pudding (delicious freshly made moist sponge cake with finely chopped dates topped with toffee sauce). I liked the chocolate truffle more which was the richest truffle I ever had so far. The sponge cake for sticky date pudding was not moist and didn’t have enough dates for us to taste it much as it was overpowered when eaten with the toffee sauce and ice cream.

Koala Chocolate Truffle

Sticky Date Pudding

While catching up and enjoying our food, before we knew it 3 hours have already passed! It was such a fun night. Stacy surprised us with a cute succulent plant to celebrate earth day today. I have been wanting to get one to add to my aloe plant.

Can’t wait for the next reunion. Plan on going to HinoMaru Ramen for our next one. *^^*

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