Hinomaru Ramen (6.4.18)

Today finally got together with my JHS sisters again. Unfortunately Grace being in California could not be with us today but hopefully she can join us next month when she visits.

For appetizers we got the ebi shumai which is handmade. The skin of the dumpling was really light and tender compared to the vendor shumai.

We also got the okonomiyaki Japanese pancake. It was okay not the best as I have had better ones. Also smaller than the ones I have had.

For our main we of course got ramen.

Fion got the tonkotsu shoyu (Kagoshima style) ramen (creamy pork broth, chasu pork, kikurage, menma, scallion, nori and fish cake) with poached egg as added topping.

Stacy got the chicken ramen (chicken broth, shredded chicken, corn, bean sprouts, scallion, poached egg and fish cake).

I got the kara chanpon (pork broth mixed with creamy milk broth and spicy roasted togarashi, tiger shrimp, squid legs, mussel, pork, cabbage, carrots, kikurage, bean sprouts, scallion and fish cake)

It was a bit spicy but not as spicy as I thought it would be as it was the spiciest on the menu. But it was still really good and it hit the spot! I devoured it lol.

David got the spicy miso ramen (chicken ramen, chasu pork, bean sprouts, fire ball, scallion, corn and fish cake) . So did my boyfriend Eric but he got additional small fire ball which was in addition to the fire ball that comes out in spicy miso ramen and extra noodles.

They give a generous portion of noodles at this restaurant.

To end the night we looked for a place to eat a dessert. Fion looked up on Yelp and found a 4 star rating place called yogurt la crepe a place that sells juice, smoothies, frozen yogurt and crepes.

Fion and I decided to get crepes while David and Stacy got frozen yogurt.

Fion got the nutella crepe with bananas and strawberries. It came out a bit too crispy on the edges.

I got the flambe banana crepe. It was delicious a great dessert ending to the dinner. Havent had crepes in a long time.

Today was another fun reunion. Hope to have more soon.

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