Korean summer hottest days food 07.22.2018

Today I had finally set up a date to meet up with Jihyun Unni (Sonia) that I had known for 6 years now since I had worked part time at Paris Baguette (Korean bakery in flushing) back in college. Since the second hottest day of summer in Korean tradition falls this upcoming Friday 7/27 so I thought it would be nice to get some samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup). Decided to try this place called “Kun Sohn Kalgooksoo”. As appetizer/side we got the whole wheat seafood scallion pancake. I like mixed grain rice over white rice which the server said if I like that I will like the whole wheat kind over the usual regular one made with flour. We both enjoyed it. Had a crisper and nuttier texture.

Samgyetang portion was huge. It took forever to finally see it decrease in portion lol. I was able to finish it though. I have been wanting to find a place that has really good samgyetang and I think I finally found this place. Plan on bringing my mom to treat her. Maybe next time to try the kalkoogsoo (hand made noodle soup) and the handmade mandoo which they ran out of today.

To finish off this fulfilling meal and wonderful dinner date we walked up to cocohodo. Although it has been 6 years and she may be 13years older I never felt the age gap and it was not an awkward time at all. I cherish these kinds of relationships more as it is hard to find where even though people have not seen each other for a long time, when seeing each other still feels like it was yesterday since you last saw them.

Cant wait for the next place we tackle together.

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