09.05.2018-09.08.2018 Boston

Finally made time to visit Sarang unni (close older friend) in Boston that I knew back in high school. I took the MegaBus but had 2 hour delays due to a lot of traffic on the way. Got to the house by 11pm when the expected time was 8:55pm.

Slept and the next morning (9/6) woke up. Ate breakfast with unni, hung out for a little at home. Unni wanted to learn to make my infamous banana bread so we went out to the nearby small market to get ingredients she didnt have at home. Came back and made it. While waiting for it to bake we just sat and chat about future wedding plans and my boyfriend. I also had lunch with home made food made by unni. It was delicious and very filling. Korean style curry rice and beef radish soup.

Then it was time to prepare dinner for when her husband was to come home. Hamburger steak with mashed potatoes, salad and cooked peppers.

Today was a nice relaxing day.


We got up then ate some soba noodles homemade by unni since she wanted to make me some ^^. Was delicious! I was supposed to be on a diet this week but fail again the past 2-3weeks! Lol

Then we headed out to Quincy market and visited the harbor. Hung out and chatted for like 3 hours at Cafe Nero before meeting her husband for dinner.

We ate dinner at the Daily Catch.

Food was delicious with beautiful scenery. Got the clam chowder to share as appetizer with garlic bread. Seafood fra diavolo for two was more than enough to share within the three of us. We went bowling afterwards with her husband’s close friend who was the MC at their wedding that I met before. It was a wonderful fun closure to the vacation. Sad to leave but will visit soon. Left early in the morning of 9.8.18.

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