Hae-In Sushi & Sashimi Restaurant 9.16.18

Finally found a time to have dinner together and catch up with sanghun oppa whom I have known since I was in sixth grade while doing Teens Choir together. He asked what I wanted to eat and I said wanted to eat some sashimi. So we decided to try Hae-in Sushi Korean restaurant on 160th st. (Flushing)

We got the hae in live fish special 80 one since its two of us. Enjoyed every dish and was filling. It was a nice dinner catching up with him. He was there to listen when I was having a hard time with break up in the past and other things in life. Next time, I want to try the place called Dong Won Chamchi another Korean sushi and sashimi restaurant near northern Pelicana restaurant nearby that Sanghun oppa said was good.

The main thing~ yummm~ *^^*

The spicy maeuntang (fish soup) so good and always the thing that comes out last as a finale dish.

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