Bareburger 10.28.18

Finally set a date to meet up with my long time church friend (Anna – Jieun) who also went to same JHS as me. It was going to be Anna, Angela and I but Angela had a sudden business trip where it may take 2months or even longer so she was unable to make it out yesterday.

We decided on Bareburger as I have been craving it. Have not been to bareburger in about two to three years!

Anna wanted a side of fries and I also wanted a side of the combo rings and fries so we decided to get the shares one, as it is a bigger portion, to share it between us two that way it will save costs. With the fries shares we get to choose two types of sauces but rings and fries we got to choose 3! Yay! Hehe I was like 2 is hard. So we got the habanero mayo (my love’s and my favorite sauce out of the three), special sauce and the smoke sauce (which basically tasted like bbq sauce).

Anna got the American burger (beef, american cheese, sweet pickles, tomatoes, red onions, green leaf, ketchup, stone ground mustard, brioche bun). She said it was really good.

I got the thai chiya burger (quinoa, chia & green pea patty, vegan american cheese, caramelized onions, wild mushrooms, baby spinach, 7 spice thai ketchup, sprout bun). It was actually pretty good for a veggie type burger. I always wanted to try theirs because I heard it was pretty good.

It was fun catching up with Anna(Jieun). It was another nice cheat day eats night! *^^*

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