Tru Astoria 11.18.18

Had another fun outing with my Ditmars family. Unfortunately my hunny bear was feeling too sick to come out tonight. Dr. Hopkins was able to come out tonight. Tej and Grace due to work were unable to come out tonight but we still all had fun. The food was amazing and good portion for the price. Complementary pita and bread which were fresh and good.

For appetizer I got the falafel where it was the best I have had so far. Some places the outer flour coating is too thick and bready. But this was perfectly crispy and good flavor.

Pooja, Jess and Sukhi also got the falafel to share amongst the three of them also ordered guacamole and chips.

Jess ordered crab cakes.

For entree I ordered the steak and pineapple salad which was more like a lot of steak with a side salad. It was really good. The steak cooked to perfection. Dr. Hopkins and Adam got the same thing as well.

Jasim got the roasted lemon rosemary chicken. It was a very hearty portion and he enjoyed it.

This was another fun chill night. Just enjoying each other’s company. Plan to plan something again in the future.

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