Yearly holiday cookies 11.28.18

Ever since three years ago I started working at CityMD, I started to make cookie goodie bags and christmas cards every year for my site, church choir and other people I am thankful for and care about. This year I decided to do chocolate chip cookie- recipe from brown eyed baker (my boyfriend Eric’s only favorite cookie to eat), ginger cookie (recipe credit from Ina Garten food network), and pistachio pinwheel cookies (credits to food network)- a recipe I had made earlier for Cintia during her pregnancy. The pistachio pinwheel I made some changes to the recipe by substituting half of the required amount of pistachios for almonds.

This whole process took two days to be exact, without the inactive fridge time, 10 hours including making the goodie bags and writing the christmas cards totaling 54 . Yesterday I premade the dough for the chocolate chip cookies and pistachio almond pinwheel cookies as they need to be refrigerated for at least 2-3hours. FYI each recipe was tripled in amount.

Then today I first baked the chocolate chip cookies as it required a lower oven temperature than the other two at 325. It took 2.5 batches to bake all the chocolate chip cookies.

While the chocolate chip was in the oven I started making the dough for ginger cookies. Then set the oven to 350 and baked them. Took 2 batches.

The last but not least finally sliced the pistachio almond cookies that was rolled into a log and baked them. Took 2 batches as well.

I printed out the labels and cut them one by one with scissors and taped each one to a goodie bag.

Although it is a lot of work and time consuming, it is worth it when people enjoy them and puts a smile on their faces. One thing I would invest next year is buying extra large cookie sheet pans so that I dont have to wait for cookies to cool and transfer them to use again for next batch.

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