Choeotang 12.09.18

So today I was originally planning on meeting my unni friend that I knew since my paris baguette part time work days for lunch.

So for lunch my close unni friend and I went to Myung San korean restaurant since close unni I know from church choir told me that restaurant makes choeotang well. Chueotang is a Korean loach (freshwater fish) soup.

Unni got kongbiji jjigae which is ground soybean stew.

These are banchan side dishes that comes with the meal in all traditonal korean restaurants. The chueotang was delicious just like how I remembered when I had it in Korea when I visited back in 2010, 8 years ago already.

After that we went to white noise cafe that was right around there. I had some americano and she had a matcha tea latte with soymilk. There she tried my handmade dark chocolate chunk eggnogg cookie and ginger cookie which she said was really good. Yay! *^^* made the eggnog cookies with some leftover butter I had after baking the holiday cookies.

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