THEP Thai 12.30.18

Finally had time that matched to meet up with Lauretta. We decided on a place on upper east side manhattan as she lives in the bronx. We went to a thai restaurant called THEP. She was feeling a bit nauseous as she is pregnant so she tried to get something not too greasy or too much spice. She originally was going to get wonton soup if substitution was allowed to substitute shrimp instead of chicken as she does not eat meat. But there are no substitutions so she decided to get pad see ew.

We decided to get steamed shrimp dumplings as appetizers so we got 2 orders. But unfortunately Lauretta’s plate the shrimps that was placed on top of the shumai were not deveined! Mine were so we recalled back her plate and shared mine but she only had one as that threw off her appetite. My plate of dumplings were really good though with a hint of spice from smally diced jalapeno in there.

I got one of their specialties called

Tilapia Fillet Marinated with Northern Style Thai Curry Paste Wrapped in Banana Leaves and Grilled to Perfection. Served with Steamed Riceberry and Sauteed Bok Choy.
It is their highest spicy level but to me was perfect level.

All in all it was a nice dinner and wonderful time catching up with Lauretta.

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