Pho ordering in 1.06.19

I was craving something warm and soupy, did not have good pho in a while so I decided to go with that. Browsing through ubereats found a good place with not that long delivery time. I ordered from Asian Gourmet. I love summer rolls so when I saw them I definitely got them with grilled chicken inside today instead of the usual shrimp I get. I decided to get four pieces instead of just two ^^ it is indeed my cheat day hehe. For the main I got Pho Xe Lua (combo with raw beef brisket, tendon and omosa).

It was packaged well with the soup separated. The pho came with the sauce inside the plastic bag with the brean sprouts. It was a mixture of the brown and chili sauce. Put that in my soup giving it a nice kick.

The summer rolls were delicious! But the pho was even better! The broth was nice and rich.

I devoured everything with nothing to throw out or clean. Lol.

It was a really good meal and money well spent on food today.

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