New Year, New Resolution

Starting with the new year, I am going to change my diet plan. Instead of doing just fruits and oatmeal for lunch/dinner, I am going to do meal prep. Meals that are under 600 calories. I think this would better benefit my ongoing fitness in life and more nutritious. It is also because I am getting a bit tired and bored with it. With me moving out to a new place, this is another new step for me. Every morning I work out, take a shower and eat a nice breakfast.

I bought from target, a all-in-one instant pot where it is convenient for me to cook without bringing from home or buying all the pots and pans. I found plenty of easy recipes online to use. Although, I will first be trying this meal kit company called “Sun Basket”, the lean and clean plan as for the first time users there was 50%off bargain. But realizing that this is a weekly delivery and I would get more money’s worth finding recipes on my own and buying groceries for the week would be cheaper, I will be doing that after this first box. I am a type of person that is okay sticking with one type of recipe for the week or even a month as I would be eating the same main entree for a week or so when I was younger because Korean food tend to be a lot tastier if made in bigger batches. But as it was only me and my mom it would last us for a week. In a way I guess it saved us money. I did not mind or have complaints about it because I am a pretty routine person so I guess that sort of plays a factor. But if you are a type of person that likes variety, you may want to try one of these meal kits if you have the budget.

So this is my first ever meal kit that I am trying out. I got 4 recipes package with 2 servings each equating to 8 meals for me perfect for one week. The pictures of them are below. The ingredients were actually really fresh and they came out amazing.

Moroccan salmon in chraime sauce with cauliflower “couscous”

The sauce taste was too strong in tomato and spices for me so I ended up eating the salmon only. I realized that Moroccan style does not fit my palate.

Braised chicken with carrots, potatoes, and thyme

This one was delicious! Ate it at work for Thursday and Friday since it comes in two servings.

This is what it looks like when reheating. 

Spiced shrimp with chard and ajo blanco sauce

This was delicious as well. Loved the shrimp with the chili spice. I liked this one the best! Alternated between this and the Chicken Pozole. Ate the first serving of this on Saturday and then on Sunday for lunch/dinner. Ate the Chicken Pozole as part of my breakfast before work on Sunday as it is my cheat day so I had an extra meal but also I knew the site I am covering today is a busy site, not knowing when I would be able to take a break I ate well. Good thing I did.  I usually do not eat past 6PM. My cheat day for the week is on Sundays. 

Chicken pozole verde with tomatillos and green chiles

This was another good meal my second favorite. For this I stored the garnish separately and added them when I was about to eat it. The garnish is lime wedges and chopped cilantro. This is all the different meals from the meal kit box “Sun Basket”. All in all, besides the first dish being not my style in palate and taste, everything else tasted pretty good and came out well. The all in one instant pot that I purchased is wonderful.

Next week I will post my week meal prep using a recipe I found online and grocery shopping for the ingredients myself. Stay posted!

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