Fion’s Birthday Dinner 03.09.2019

     So yesterday we celebrated Fion’s birthday at korean chicken and beer restaurant Mad for Chicken. There were eleven of us altogether. Fion had already made reservations for 6PM which was great since the place was packed when we had arrived. It was a great way to see my JHS sisters Fion and Stacy because we were trying to coordinate a date to see each other. I was exhausted from already four hectic straight days of work but after getting out of work, I was excited about it again to see everyone. It was surprising to see my old high school friend Janice Moy there! She came with her boyfriend too. I was glad I was able to make it out that night. 

    We decided to order two orders of the budae jungol (army stew) – spicy stew with ham, sausage, ramen noodle, kimchi, tofu, rice cake and cheese. It was delicious! Ate two bowls. 

      For appetizers we had started with two orders of truffle fries and one order of parmesan fries as David (Fion’s fiance) wanted parmesan fries. Forgot to take picture of the fries before eating as we were all hungry haha and they were so good. I also love their complementary popcorn dusted with curry powder. 

      As our second main the CHICKEN~ we got two large orders of legs and wings combo with the regular soy garlic sauce and one large combo of half and half (soy garlic sauce and spicy sauce). Ellie and I took the two of the spicy ones as most of the crew could not eat spicy. They were pretty good. 

     Overall it was a nice dinner catching up with everybody and meeting four new people in the crew. Unfortunately I had work today and have my 6th day of work tomorrow so I was unable to join them after dinner in going over their house to party more with cake, games and drinks. But it was still a fun night as I went home with some snacks and caught up on my shows before calling it a night! ^^

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