Reunion with family 04.25.19

Soyoung unni(korean word for calling older sister) my cousin on dad’s side contacted me yesterday that my halmunee (grandmother in korean) my dad’s mother wanted to have lunch with me. I have not seen her in almost 10 years. She has gotten so small! 😦

We went to joonggookjip (korean chinese restaurant). We ordered pan fried korean dumplings as appetizer to share which was okay. Both me and halmunee preferred steamed dumplings (mool mandoo in korean).

For entrees, i decided to get samsun jjanjangmyun (assorted seafood black bean noodles). I have not had this cuisine in a while. It is a cheat dish. ^^

Halmunee got regular jjanjangmyun.

We both thought it was good. Usually other places the sauce is stronger in taste and sometimes a little too oily but the sauce here was lighter with depth of taste.

My cousin Soyoung unni got the spicy seafood noodle soup called jjambbong. Looked delicious too.

Finished off with a complimentary dessert called mattang sweet syrup coated fried dough. Usually is potato or sweet potato but here noticed it was dough inside. Like donut. We devoured it forgot to take a picture before lol. Promise there was more ^^ .

Then we all came back to my aunts house to hang out for a little bit. Picture of me and my halmunee :).

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