White Noise Coffee Cafe with Anna and Angela 05.11.19

Finally found a time where the three of us can meet up. We decided to have lunch/brunch at White Noise Coffee Co (161st Northern Blvd). They serve brunch menu items like healthy bowls, acai bowls, coffee, pastry and their own flavors of hand made soft serve ice cream. Their famous soft serve is the black sesame.

We all ended up getting the same thing, the salmon bowl. It has smoked salmon, avocado, spiced beet hummus, barley rice with sunflower seeds, mixed greens, poached egg and cherry tomatoes. We all got a version of iced coffee. Angela got iced americano, Anna and I both got cold brew. The salmon bowl was pretty good and really filling. It was a good time catching up with these two.

Angela did not really like the barley rice as it was under cooked for her taste. Barley rice usually has more a bite and texture but Angela likes soft chewy rice texture like how usually Korean sticky rice is. The environment is nice with a modern retro feel with high ceilings. Some people come here to study.

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