Sistars Reunite Song San 06.15.19

For dinner yesterday, Jungmin unni (close older sister like friend from my choir) and her husband wanted to treat me, ella unni and jinyi unni for working so hard and well for the special dance performance at her reception. We decided to go to Song San which is one of the better popular korean chinese restaurant. It ended up being the six of us so as per recommendation of the waitress, to get the special package of 7 dishes.

The first one was my favorite one. It was called cold dish it had abalone in this special spicy gochujang sauce koreans eat with some sashimi, jellyfish with cucumber in spicy korean mustard sauce, cocktail shrimp with cucumber in the same spicy mustard sauce and the 1000year old duck eggs.

The next one was whole flounder fried with the side of special sweet soy sauce. It is fried where you can also eat the bones too like crispy chips. This was my third favorite.

The third one was shark fins dish with mushrooms and shrimp. Not my favorite.

This was my second favorite dish. Lobster~~~

The fifth dish was steamed clams with oyster sauce mixed with noodles. It had bok choy as well.

The sixth dish was fried pork with sweet sauce. This was my favorite childhood food to get at these restaurants but not that much anymore.

The seventh dish was sliced beef with glass noodles and spicy pepper. Alongside it came with chinese steamed scallion buns. This was my second favorite tied with the lobster dish.

The ninth dish was fried shrimp in chili garlic sauce. This also used to be my childhood favorite. This was so much food but really good food. There was a lot leftover which the recently married couple took as the rest of us did not want to take. We all agreed next time we should order like 2-3 big dishes and order a dish we all want to eat separately. It was still a fun night and good experience.

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