Instant Pot Mushroom Wild Rice Soup 06.22.19

Another week has ended and that means meal prep day for me for the upcoming new week. Last week I did some research and printed out a bunch of recipes that I want to make for my meal prep. I decided to do meal prep for this upcoming week and also the week after. I decided on instant pot mushroom wild rice soup (recipe from pinch of yum). This recipe had a creamy part of butter, milk and flour roux that was added at the end but I decided to omit that. So doubling the recipe it should have yielded 12 servings but it came out to be more than that about 4 more servings. The 1 serving size suggestion for this recipe is 1.5 cup of soup per serving.

The recipe called for vegetable or chicken broth but I substituted that with water and butter. I also substituted poultry seasoning and dried thyme with oregano leaves and cumin.

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