Korean Crazy Marinated Eggs with Quinoa 07.11.2019

I decided to make some Korean Crazy Marinated Eggs last night after work. It has been the trend in Korea these days as one of the food to make. It is very simple and easy. I decided to do Quinoa instead of regular Korean white rice to go with the eggs. I had promised my close friend Ella Unni I would make a batch for her too. I used the recipe provided but Seonkyoung Longest a korean chef I found and follow on Facebook. (Link: https://seonkyounglongest.com/mayak-eggs/ )

I used my instant pot to boil the eggs which enabled me to make it fast after a long day and it was already late in the night. I looked up online how to make boiled eggs with instant pot and found a good website (Link: https://www.gimmesomeoven.com/instant-pot-hard-boiled-eggs/ ). I wanted to make soft boiled eggs so I set it to 3 minutes instead of 5 minutes on “manual” high pressure level. I put in about 1 cup of water with 1/4 cup of vinegar and salt. Vinegar helps peeling the eggs easy. While it was cooking, I prepped the sauce. I first cooked a batch of dozen eggs, so I did 1/2 more of what the original recipe called for which is for six eggs. I thought doubling the recipe was not necessary. For the sauce, I did not put in any green onions and I could not find red colored chili pepper so I just used green chili peppers. I also used korean rice vinegar instead of white. For the rice syrup, I used Baeksul brand.

Image result for 올리고당
Korean White Rice Syrup

I had to cook the eggs in batches of two because all 18 eggs would not fit in my 6 quart instant pot. After it was done, I prepared a bowl of cold water. Tansfered the eggs and kept the cold water running on them. I then put the rest of the six eggs which is the batch for my close unni friend and started cooking it. I peeled the eggs placed them into my container and poured the sauce over them.

Ella Unni’s Batch

I cooked this quinoa easily in a microwave. It was about 4.5 cups water with 2.5 cups of dry quinoa (one whole small tricolor quinoa package). I let the microwave run for initially 5 minutes but realized it would need way much more time so I did 10 more minutes and came out perfectly. I left it uncovered when cooking. As for the addition of sesame oil at time of serving, I just did a drizzle in my container of 1 serving quinoa that I brought with today to work. Giving some to my hunny bear and his mom to try as well.

Cooked Quinoa

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