Pyeongandong Restaurant 07.24.19

Yesterday for lunch, I got a freebie lunch from work thanks to a new employee. Just like my first week, the new employee gets to eat lunch with a different team/day. Yesterday was with our lawyer team but thankfully the manager of the team asked the rest of HHI team if anyone wanted to join. He sent us where we were going and looking at the menu, saw that there were korean cold noodles so I said “yes!”

It is a newly opened restaurant in Fort Lee, NJ. Supposedly this is a popular restaurant in korean in PyongAnDong hence the name of this restaurant. It is a town in Korea. I wanted the spicy korean vermicelli noodles with spicy vinegar marinated raw skate. It was really good, the noodles were thin and tender not thick and chewy like the usual noodles we have here in the U.S. It was as good as the place I go in Queens that make their own noodles which are thin and tender.

We also got 4 people serving size (large size) marinated korean rib dish and 2 people serving size (small size) bulgogi (marinated beef). You can order small side of korean cold noodles (naengmyeon) either the soup based or spicy sauce. This would come out to 6 side cold noodles we can order which was perfect since I wanted to eat the special seafood naengmyeon. I just had a little bit of the bulgogi because my naengmyeon dish was a full size dish.

side dishes that came with the main
my hwe naengmyeon – spicy cold noodles with marinated vinegar skate
marinated korean beef rib stew
bulgogi – marinated beef

The sauce of the two marinated beef dishes were a bit too sweet for my taste but I would definitely go again for the korean cold noodles and to try the other dishes on the menu.

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