New York Wing Factory- Chimac Time!~ 08.19.19

Despite what happened recently, I was able to get close to two female colleagues who I call ‘unni’. For readers that have read my past posts may know what that means but for those new readers, the term ‘unni’ is a person you call in Korean that is close to you but is older than you and is a female. Often times it can be a friend, older blood related sister or older cousin. In general you would use this term to someone you are close with but is older than you and is a female person. Also a fun cultural fact to know is that ‘chimac’ is an abbreviated term in korean for chicken and maekjoo (beer).

I had some business to attend in New Jersey yesterday and decided to meet afterwards with Sharon unni (one of the two). She ends work at 3:30PM so we decided to meet up at 4PM. She recommended a place called New York Wing Factory which is a korean owned but very americanized pub interior. She ordered the boneless wings that she usually gets. It came along with carrots and celery and a side salad. Everything was so delicious. It went well with our beers. I always wanted to try Michelob Ulta so I drank that and unni got Blue Moon. In expectation for this, I purposely made sure my stomach was empty so I had nothing to eat for a full 4.5 hours. I ate so much but it was delicious! I would want to go again if there is a chance to try other things on the menu which sounded interesting. But would not mind having the same wings again because they were that good lol. Thank you for the treat unni! It was a well spent quality time conversing and seeing the cute pretty aerin~ her daughter. ^^ Till next time~

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