Mr. Wasabi 09.17.19

Had a lunch date with Manager Nari of my team. Never tried Mr. Wasabi out but glad I got to. It is now on my sushi places to go list fo Flushing. It was really fresh too.
Never had crab croquette before but it was amazing. Will order that as starters again next time. It had the right amount of thickness in batter and was so crispy on the outside but soft and warm on the inside. It had the imitation crab meat and cucumber inside.

We also ordered tuna tamaki as starters to try it out. Basically searing the outside only where the inside is still sashimi (raw fish). It was topped off with roe. It was not bad but I was already in love with the crab croquette this was mediocore.

For the main we decided to get the yankee roll and blue sea roll. The yankee roll is the one in the center of the plate below. It was delicious and the fish was fresh. The outer is the blue sea roll where this has no rice wrapped with thinly slice cucumber on the outside. I always like to get one like this so it does not get too heavy when getting more than one roll. It gave a refreshing taste in contrast to the heavier yankee roll. I would definitely come back aain.

That day was beautiful so we decided to share a cup of red mango to go on our walk back to the office. Light and yummy dessert. A perfect ending to a nice meal.

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