Beef Stroganoff 09.29.19

Has been at least a month since I last meal prepped as I had home cooked food to eat. Now back to meal prepping again I decided to try a beef stroganoff recipe. The recipe called for fusilli but there was no fusilli available so got rotini instead. They are pretty much the same thing as they are both cork/spring screw shaped but rotini is a flat pasta rolled while fusilli is strands of pasta twisted into spring shape. Below is the first step picture of browning the mushrooms first in olive oil seasoned with salt and pepper. After browning, transferred them onto a separate bowl until it was time to add them back into the cast iron pot with the other ingredients.

After mushrooms, I cooked the thinly sliced 1lbs lean beef sirloin after adding a little more olive oil. Seasoned beef with salt and pepper as well. Once the pink color was gone, I added in crushed garlic, dijon mustard and tomato paste. Cooked for 1 minute or so then added 1/2 cup of white wine and 3.5 cups of water instead of beef broth. Because of this substiution, I added in tomato paste. Once the liquid started to simmer, I added in 1lb of rotini pasta which is one whole box and the mushrooms back in. This was double the recipe where it called for 1/ 2 a box or 8oz of pasta since I used a whole box. Below is the picture when everything was added in and in process of simmering, cooking the pasta until the liquid has rendered down to almost none. By then, the pasta will be all cooked to al dente and ready.

Once finished, the picture below is what it looks like.

Then packaged them into containers. Made some changes to the original recipe to my liking but that is what I like about cooking. Baking is all about precision which I find fun to do as well but the creativity comes out in my cooking. Bon appetit!

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