Lim’s Kitchen 10.10.19

For lunch on Thursday, manager Nari treated me and my coworker . I have not had korean boonshik in years! Boonshik is korean type of fast food.

It is more of the newly opened restaurants on bell blvd.

Picture below is korean style sushi roll it is correctly called kimbap. We got the tuna kimbap. It was really good. One of the best I had in a restaurant that was not homemade.

We decided to get rabbokki (ddukbokki and ramen). Ddukbokki is a spicy gochujang sauce rice cake dish. It usually has fish cakes, cabbage, onions with the rice cakes. We all liked this one as the sauce was a clean spicy taste with a hint of sweetness. Usually I find that a lot of the restaurants make the sauce too sweet. I remember when I wasa child I used to love dunking the kimbap in this spicy sauce. So I did that and it was delicious!

They sold chicken here too so we decided to get small size boneless chicken with the death most spicy sauce on the side. We all agreed the sauce for the dish above rabokki was spicier than this death sauce. It was not that spicy.

Lastly we got budaejjigae or army stew. Not the best. I would say next time if I do come I would definitely try another kimbap as it was really good and get some fried dish with the rabokki.

The chicken I would get again as it was crispy and really good. Better than well known pelicana or bonchon.

Overall it was a great experience and a very satisfying overall tasty lunch. Would come back with my hunny bear and friends.

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