Linguine with spicy italian sausage, garlic and mushrooms 10.13.19

For this week’s meal prep, I decided to make some pasta. I was thinking about garlic and olive oil but also wanted to add in some mushrooms and maybe originally prosciutto. When I went grocery shopping this past weekend, I saw spicy italian sausage so I decided to go with that instead of prosciutto but kept with the garlic and mushrooms. I first started cooking the pasta. While the pasta was cooking, I took the casings off the sausages and cooked them in a bit of olive oil in my cast iron skillet. Once it was almost cooked all the way through, I added in sliced baby portobello mushrooms. This is shown in the picture below.

Once it has been cooked all the way through I tossed in sliced garlic. I basically used a whole bulb of garlic. I purposely bought a smaller sized bulb of garlic so I can use everything. Once the garlic browned too, I turned off the fire. Added in the linguine and tossed them altogether since the cast iron is still very hot and it will all cook flavors melding together. I cooked the pasta to al dente before adding into the cast iron pot. Once mixed well, I divided into my 4 containers. All done! When it is time to eat, I add in some grated parmesan cheese and a little bit of homemade spicy green sauce.

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