Parksanbal Babs 10.19.19

Heard about this hole in the corner place but never been. Finally got to try it thanks to my cousin older brother. It was amazing and delicious! It is korean gookbap which literally translates to soup rice which is what it is. The soup broth is made from boiling beef bones for many hours to get this clean rich base. Unlike other restaurants that probably add some msg or other things to make the broth rich, this soup had a really clean taste. Ate the whole soup after adding all the rice into the soup. The ggakdugi was amazing too which is spicy radish kimchi perfect pairing with the soup. They also served side of gaeranmari korean style egg roll and gim which is korean dried seaweed. These two side dishes were also a great pair with the spicy soup and rice. You can ask for it to be not spicy if you do not like or can not eat spicy food which it is pretty spicy for people who do not regularly eat spicy food. This was an amazing meal and experience. Would definitely come back. Probably crave it soon again *^^* especially as it will get cold soon.

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