Hong Chun Cheon Spicy Cheese Dak Gal Bee 10.30.19

Today, my manager and I came out to the city together for our flu shot event that we are hosting for our clients. For lunch we were thinking of eating at Abiko Curry when we saw this sign next door. It is a newly opened restaurant last Friday. They have 4 different level of spiciness, we went with medium which was the second level as my gastritis has been acting up and we both were not feeling like going too spicy today before an event. They also have different combination of dishes as well as lunch special menu. We decided to get the cheese spicy dakgalbee for 2. As you see below, the mozzeralla cheese is in the middle for dipping and on each side, there is two tempura. There is pieces of chicken meat, cabbage, onions, perilla leaves, rice cakes and green onions in spicy korean gochujang sauce.

It tasted delicious and amazing! It was better than we both expected. I would say it is the best dak gal bee place so far with not bad pricing. Of course afterwards comes the fried rice bokkeumbap! They added in rice, some kimchi mixed in with the leftover vegetables and sauce. Lastly topped with gim (korean roasted seaweed, laver). The crispy rice on the bottom is always the best. It was a great meal. We were both so full afterwards. At first it seemed like little but as we started eating, it actually was the right amount. Don’t be fooled by how it looks as the pan is pretty wide.

I would definitely come back. Next time maybe at night and with my babe Eric. Manager and I were both thinking this would go well with some beer or soju. Definitely should go try. It is next to Abiko Curry in K-town on the second floor.

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