Ginger&Lemongrass 12.01.19

Ella unni and I finally found time to grab dinner together last Sunday and she suggested this place. I forgot that this was one of the places on my list of places to try on yelp bookmarks.

She showed me a picture that was uploaded that looked spicy and good so we both decided to try it and ended up getting the same toppings . It was spicy lemongrass soup which comes with the vermicelli noodles. For the protein choice we got the combo of 5 spiced beef brisket and sliced eye round. We got the large as there is a choice between small and large as when the waiter described the size the small did not seem like it would be enough.

But to our surprise it was a big portion so next time I shall be getting a small. It came with the usual bean sprouts, jalepeno and lime wedge. The additional item was the spicy chili oil which we ended up adding more as it was not spicy to both of our taste buds.

I did not notice at first but Ella unni mentioned which I realized too that the sliced eye round gave off a bit stronger gamy smell so we both ended up eating with some siracha sauce. I think next time I would just get 5 spiced beef brisket as my protein choice. There was a lot of meat given that is hidden under the noodles in the picture below. Overall besides the bit of meat gaminess, this was the best pho noodle soup that I have had so far in Queens. Will be coming back with my boyfriend Eric next time.

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