Villa Berulia 1.11.2019

Finally found time to set a date with a close older friend at work (Call her Unni mening older sister in Korean). Her name is Hana. We were deciding where to go for dinner when Hana unni said that she was craving pasta. So looking through my yelp list, I suggested Villa Berulia. I would have to say one thing, when going to this restaurant if you do after reading my post, be aware, that you may miss the sign as it is not that big and I myself missed the sign and walked past it. I was walking around the block trying to look for it for 10 minutes! Lol.

Other than finding it a bit difficult for me, the pasta and the complementary bread was delicious! The bread came out warm and the perfect starter dipping in olive oil and perfect complement with the pasta sauce to dip. The slice of garlic bread was the hit amongst the bread collection as it was served warm with simply butter toasted with a clove of garlic rubbed onto the slice for the garlic taste.

Complementary bread

For pasta, we ordered the top two. I got the farfalle ai scampi (Semolina bowties with jumbo shrimp, spinach in a light tomato broth, topped with truffle oil). This was a light tasting pasta with the right amount of shrimp.

Hana unni got the Tortellini all Berulia (Ring-shaped cheese-filled pasta in a light cream bolognese sauce). She was craving a cream sauce based pasta and this satisfied her craving.

For dessert, we got the lemon curd pie. I thought this would be refreshing and not too sweet but I was wrong. I ordered a cup of coffee which went well together but otherwise by itself, it was way too sweet. I would recommend either not getting a dessert here or trying something else. They come out with a cart to show as their dessert menu which I thought was nice like a traditional Italian restaurant reminded me of another restaurant where they came out with a cart for both appetizers and dessert. I would come back here again to try the other pastas and maybe the next time some appetizers. Overall it was a wonderful night with Hana unni just relaxing and talking about life.

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