Soup Dumplings Plus 1.17.19

My significant other wanted me to try soup dumplings from Soup Dumpling Plus the best ones in New Jersey and probably the best he had. We finally got around to going and trying it out as a late friday night dinner. We ordered 2 regular pork soup dumplings and 1 of the crab meat and pork soup dumplings. We both agreed that the regular one was better. These were pretty good and cleaner tasting than the ones back in Flushing from Shanghai restaurant. The ones in Shanghai have a richer taste. My nose was stuffed due to my cold so I believe my taste buds were not up to par to fully taste but despite that it was still pretty good and would go back.

The really wow factor was the spicy fried rice. My significant other said that this is the go to combination when eating soup dumplings from here. I would say that he was right on. It was the perfect pairing. The fried rice was the best I have had in my life so far. Definitely recommend coming here to try this combination.

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