Totowah 1.19.19

My boyfriend wanted to take me to this korean style fusion bunsik restaurant. Bunsik is korean fast food. We ordered the two special items on the menu. They were bigger portions than we thought.

The first one above was chosen by my boyfriend. It is cream don (크림 돈)it has seafood spaghetti in cream sauce with pork cutlet in parmesan marinara sauce.

The second one below I chose is maekom(spicy) don (매콤 돈) which had seafood spaghetti in spicy tomato sauce and hamburger steak. This one got spicy as you kept on eating it.

We both liked the second one better. ^^ But it was nice to have both as the second one was spicy so the creamy dish helped offset it.

We will come again next time to try other dishes too.