Turntable Chicken Jazz 01.25.19

Finally found some time to meet up with my Sonia Unni~ ♡. We decided to meet up somewhere in KTown. While looking through yelp found this place. It had a retro feel with LPD disks and old TVs on the wall that goes well with the name ‘Turntable’.

We ordered hush puppies and potato twister for appetizers. The first pic below are the hush puppies. It had a kick to them which were a nice spin to a fried dish. I liked these better than the potato twister. Would order these again the next time for sure.

For the main, we got the combo of drumstick and wings with half and half sauce. Half soy sauce garlice and half spicy. The spicy ones were pretty spicy so it was a nice balance.

To finish off our dinner, we went to The Grace Street cafe for dessert. As they always say there is a separate stomach for dessert.

This is the black sesame snow ice. It was pretty good and not too sweet. Want to dry the warm desserts next time like the matcha beignets and the waffle.

The pictures below is what Turntable Chicken Jazz looks like on the inside.

The below is the non alcohol ginger beer. I recommend not getting it as it just tasted like a too sweet soda.

Overall it was a wonderful night again with unni. Next time plan on meeting during the day to have a longer quality spent time together. *^^*

Until next weeks posting.