Chun Dam Dong 1.26.20

We finally found the time to eat chulpan dish together at the Chun Dam Dong restaurant my boyfriend wanted to take me to in NJ. We went for dinner after we went to King Spa.

Chulpan is cast iron pot in korean. We got the everything kind which had both thinly sliced beef brisket cut, pork belly with squid and baby otcopus in their delicious spicy sauce with veggies.

After that the best part was mixed fried rice delicious ending to a great meal! We both agreed that next time though we should get the pork belly and squid one. As we think there were too many ingredients and not that good of a combination but still delicious.

Bonus king spa pictures. Also they have raffles on the weekend and we were lucky to be one of the winners to get two free admission tickets!!

Till the next posting~

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