First Valentines with the Bae ♡ 02.14.20

For our first Valentines together we decided to do Korean BBQ at Hanam BBQ in NJ. My boyfriend said the quality here is really good and I must say I agree after trying. It was the best Korean BBQ I have had so far.

We ordered the pork combo #1 which comes out with 3 different cuts. We also ordered 1 serving of daechang (big intestines) but was given almost 2 serving portion! We were so full and our taste buds were satisfied.

Hanam BBQ pork combo 1 with side

To commemorate our first Valentines together I did some baking. I made a chocolate pound cake that was solely for my boyfriend. I also made some truffles to give out to my boyfriends coworkers as a little treat. But also had separate package for my boyfriend of truffles. Made a separate batch with toppings of coconut and espresso powder which I remember my boyfriend saying he liked coconut.

I must say this was a success because everyone including my bae said it was delish~ *^^*

Recipe courtesy of brown eyed baker. Link:
Truffle recipe: 3 cups of semi sweet chocolate chips, 1 can of sweetened condensed milk and 6tbsps of butter melted in microwave. Chill in fridge for 2 hours and roll into balls and then into toppings of choice. If gets soft put it back in the fridge for 1-2minutes and continue.

This was a well spent first Valentines together. Till our next foodie adventure enjoy this post!

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