Pesto Pasta with Mushrooms and Broccoli Rabe 2.28.20

So, for this week I decided to make some pesto pasta with some mushrooms and broccoli rabe. I had some parsely left over from last week’s salmon sheet pan dinner so I thought making my own spin pesto sauce would be perfect use of it.

My pesto sauce recipe is the following: I had 1 cup of parsley left over, 1 cup of basil, 5 cloves of garlic, 1/3 cup of almonds and 1.5 cups of olive oil, salt to taste. I first pulsed the almonds first. Then the garlic and basil with olive oil. I did it in batches adding more olive oil as needed and then salt to taste. I did not add in parmesan cheese for this sauce as I wanted to try without. The sauce made is how it looks like below:

The sauce actually tasted still pretty good without the parmesan cheese with the nuttiness and richness that came out naturally from the almonds. Next time we will try with cheese.

After the sauce was fully made, I started boiling water and salted the water to blanch my broccoli rabe. Once it was blanched, took it out of the water and set it aside. I used the same water to cook my pasta. I had whole wheat penne. I used the whole box as this was going to be dinner for my boyfriend and I and the rest for him to take for lunch the next few days. While the pasta was cooking, I started sauteeing the mini sliced portobello mushrooms in olive oil. While stirring the mushrooms from time to time, I was also swirling around the pasta. I used the same technique I recently used for cacio e pepe in cooking the pasta. See my prior post for the technique! It is more convenient and faster. Once both were done which they got done pretty much at the same time, I threw them into my medium sized mixing bowl where I set aside my blanched broccoli rabe stirred in the sauce and mixed them together well. The finishing touch was pepper.

Overall, it was a success! My boyfriend enjoyed it saying that it tastes good enough to sell. I was happy. Fast and easy recipe, try it at home! Until my next post. Please like and share if you like what you are reading. There is also my instagram you can follow where I post photos that is linked to what I will post here. Thank you!

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