Quality Italian 2.27.19

So for research on good restaurants to bring our company guests to, we tried out Quality Italian a sister restaurant of Quality Meats and Quality Bistro. We ordered two types of appetizers, four entrees and one side to share among five people to test the food. The environment was nice and not too noisy. There was a private room available if we were to bring high executives from Korea.

The picture above is a salad that we ordered to share as an appetizer. We ordered the


Heirloom Tomatoes, Arugula, Fennel, Oven-Dried Tomatoes, Pickled Onions, White Balsamic Dressing

As recommended by our waiter, we ordered


Bacon, Pepperoncini, Pimenton

as our second appetizer. I must say the calamari was amazing and the salad was a nice refreshing touch to the heavier calamari appetizer. The spicy mayo sauce made the calamari amazing.

For entree 1 above is the:


Livornese Tomatoes, Crispy Onions, Thai Basil

This was our least favorite out of three entrees. The Branzino was dry and flat for our liking.

The entree 2 was:


Sicilian Red Pesto, Toasted Almonds, Endive

This was amazing as the scallops were cooked to perfection and I personally loved the nuttiness of the Sicilian Red Pesto with a hint of spice. I would order this again if I came back here.

The third entree was: PRIME AGED TOMAHAWK RIBSTEAK (24OZ)

To match everyone’s preference we chose to go with medium well. I personally would have liked medium rare. The steak was delicious but as someone who ate Quality Meats, I would say that the meat is better there as it is their specialty.

As it is an Italian restaurant, we got the special pasta dish of the day. Which was campanelle pasta with mushroom, peas, ricotta cheese in cream sauce.

For the side we got he corn creme brulee as per the waiter’s suggestion as he stated it was a life changing dish for him. Personally for us though, it was not that great. It tasted like corn souffle mixed into creme brulee. I would prefer just to eat creme brulee for dessert and would have liked another side dish instead.

Overall this was a great experience and there were some dishes that we really liked and some that were a miss for us. Now we know what to order and not to next time.

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