Avra Madison Estiatorio 3.02.2020

As a welcome meal, my direct senior managing director took me out to lunch along with two colleagues in the same team. We went to Avra Madison which is about a five minute walk from our building.

During lunch they do a 3 course prix fixe at a price of $29.50 per person. The picture below is a complementary pita bread tray.

For my first course, I got the octopus which was grilled paired with onions in red wine vinegar. It also had capers and bell pepper. The octopus was grilled perfectly but it was a little bit salty for my taste.

For my second course, I got the fish of the day. It was a rainbow trout served with capers, broccollini, shallots and thinly sliced carrots. I would say the fish was cooked perfectly and it had hints of sweet taste. I liked this course. This was a really filling meal for a good price especially at a nice restaurant in the city. It was so filling, I was unable to go for desserts and I usually never skip dessert! I would come here again if I had a chance and try the lobster pasta and different appetizer. All in all, it was a nice experience.

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