Park and Ice Cream on Grand 6.28.20

Bistro 107 Cucina Italiana

My boyfriend and I planned to have a meal together with his sister and her husband on Sunday which was yesterday. His sister suggested we pick up food for lunch and go to a park. The park was Tallman State Park which is a NY state park right near the line between NYS and NJ. So they picked up some Italian food that tbey know was good. Grilled salmon with yellow rice and vegetables. The salmon was delicious with the butter and mayo sauce that was put in the middle with chopped up shrimp and crab.

Bistro 107 Cucina Italiana

With the two salmon dish that was shared between each one couple, we shared this seafood pasta dish altogether. This pasta was good with the sauce taste very light. It had scallops, shrimps, mussels, clams and one whole lobster. The pasta was good but I would say the salmon was better. My favorite pasta will always be from Pasta Pasta. ^^

All in all it was a really good meal provided by his sister and husband with a good conversation. We then walked around the park the whole circle once to digest all that food. It was a pretty hot and humid day so after walking, his sister’s husband suggested ice cream and I of course said yes. Lol. We went to Ice Cream on Grand. First time trying and I was impressed. It was rich and delicious. Think it may have been made with coconut milk. There was a line of cara waiting for orders that much popular. See the picture below does it not look appetizing?! Lol the flavors were chocolate seduction and chocolate vanilla. So many other flavors to try.

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoyed this. The weather is sunny and a great time to enjoy outdoor with loved ones so hope everyone after reading this will somewhat be inspired to go out and enjoy!

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