Korean Bean Sprouts Party 07.10.20

Today I decided to make three different Korean dishes using the main ingredient Korean bean sprouts as I had a big bag of them. The first one above is Korean bean sprouts salad. First blanched them after washing them thoroughly. Afterwards put them in cold water. The sauce consists of soy sauce, sesame oil, gochugaru(red hot pepper), anchovy fish sauce, minced garlic and spring onion.

The second one was bean sprout soup. First made the base broth with soy sauce, anchovy fish sauce, salted mini shrimp(korean saewoojut), the onion head and skin peeled of the onion that will be used for the 3rd dish. I did this way because I did not have dashima dried laver to make broths. This is a great alternative. Then once it came to a boil, took out the onion scraps added the washed bean sprouts,big green onion. Let the bean sprout cook and come to a boil. Some bubbles will come up skim that off and then add firm tofu sliced into squares. Let that cook and come to a boil again and it is ready.

The last dish is called kom-bul-bokkeumbap which is bean sprouts, ground pork fried rice. You can use beef if you want. This is what I had in the fridge left over from another dish I cooked last Sunday. First put some olive oil into my cast iron skillet and added the ground pork with the sauce (used left over sauce from the bean sprouts salad). Once it started to brown a little added the diced onion. Let that cook down. Once onions and the meat has cooked almost through, add in washed bean sprouts with 2 big tablespoons gochujang (korean red pepper paste), minced garlic, gochugaru (red pepper powder) and sesame oil. Once bean sprouts cooked down add in the rice (prefarably use old cooked or chilled rice). There may be some liquid at first coming out from the bean sprouts and the sauce just keep on stirring and let it cook down crisping up the rice. Once it has cooked through, I added in some over fermented kimchi that I had a bit left over. For recipes like this fried rice or kimchi stew, or cooking, it comes out great using over fermented kimchi which we call “shin kimchi”. Because of the smell may think it has gone bad due to the vinegary smell but it is not.

Now, time to enjoy this meal~ will have something to eat for the next few days. Feel free to ask if you have any questions and subscribe if you like! I also have an instagram where I post these photos so you can know when I will be uploading a new post.

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