The Sweet Sap 07.17.20

Finally was able to set a time to meet up with one of my close unni friends (Ella). We decided to go to the Sweet Sap that had outdoor dining available. It was nice because this place had outdoor dining that was within the restaurant vicinity not near the streets that you usually see out in the city. It has been a while since I have been to this place but I loved it once more! The mood and environment was great and had a wonderful time. Later on, my boyfriend joined us as well.

We ordered brussel sprouts and bacon for starters. This was my favorite thing on the menu last time and it still is to this day and was a hit with my friend and boyfriend as well. Brussel sprouts crispy with hit of parmesan cheese.

We also ordered some wings (8 pieces) in soy and garlic sauce. These wings were pretty good and crispy as how Koreans make chicken as this place is run by a Korean owner. We also ordered carbonara pasta with grilled chicken. The pasta was also cooked well with the sauce not being too heavy right amount of cream incorporated.

To round this dinner out, we each got a cocktail. I got the Melon Chiller (Frozen) which contains rum, honeydew and cream. This tasted like the Korean ice cream Melon Bar tasty but dangerous lol got tipsy after this one drink as I am such a lightweight. It hit us after a while we finished the drinks so be careful those who are lightweight like me! My friend got the pink drink Blushing Blossom (Frozen) which contains gin, sakura and lychee. This one tasted perfumy and bright.

There are many other menu items that also taste wonderful. Come by and try them with their cocktails! (Link to their menu:

Once my boyfriend joined us, still plenty of food left we ordered a pitcher of Brooklyn Lager which is one of their draft picks. All in all, that night was not too hot and it was actually cool with the right amount of breeze in the air. It was a wonderful night of catching up and laughter. Till next time~

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