Happy Birthday Bae!♡ 08.11.20

Tuesday was my bae’s birthday, first birthday we are celebrating together!~ For his cake, I decided to make the chocolate pound cake I had made for him before which he loved. As I wanted to keep it a surprise, I baked it as soon as I got home from work the day before. I used brown eyed baker’s chocolate pound cake recipe (link: https://www.browneyedbaker.com/chocolate-pound-cake-recipe/) with a few tweaks. I did not have dutch processed cocoa powder so I used semisweet chocolate chips instead and as for the sugar I just used brown sugar instead of splitting it with granulated and light brown sugar as the recipe calls for. Baked it for 1hour and 5 minutes and came out perfectly. It was a success because he loved it this time too! *^^* He loves fudge like cake.

As for the main course, I decided to make some Korean style curry as he likes curry and seaweed soup as it is a Korean tradition to eat seaweed soup on birthdays. My bae does not like meat in soups so I omitted the usual beef and just made plain seaweed soup. Both were delicious and successful.

Before prepping the vegetables for the curry and making the cake, I soaked 500g of seaweed in water to rehydrate them. Usually 1 hour is good enough.

For the curry, one carrot, one idaho potato, 2 links of hot Italian sausages, 1 onion and 1 long korean hot green pepper. I first sauteed the sausage in some oil then added in the vegetables to sautee together. When the sausages have browned, added in water just enough to cover all ingredients and let it boil so all ingredients have cooked through. Then add in the curry cubes which can be found in Korean section. I got the regular hot kind not the black box which is extra spicy. One package comes with two cube boxes. One cube box will be about 4 servings.

Once the curry was made, I moved on to make the seaweed soup. I drained the seaweed and cut them up with scissors as they are in long pieces. First sauteed them in some sesame oil and minced garlic. Then added in water, Korean soup soy sauce, anchovy sauce, and a little bit of cooking wine. Let it come to a boil and done.

On the day of, made the Korean kimchi pancake. Used my handmade kimchi and korean chives kimchi. Added in 2 cups each of Korean pancake mix and Korean frying mix. Add water to the mix and adjust accordingly, should not be too watery but not too dense either. I would compare the consistency to pancake batter.

On this day, we filmed our mukbang show~ Picture is of the table set below: besides the above recipes, featured homemade Korean cubed radish kimchi and Korean style steamed egg (recipe same from last week’s post). Please visit our channel to view the show. Come watch, like and subscribe!

Link to video: https://youtu.be/St0x59Vnnys

Search ‘squirrel with monster’ to view our channel or simply click our channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUGzjQhWNnCOSRE-jy5ILsg

Also you can follow my instagram @squirrelwithmonster ^^.

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