Korean Pork Belly BBQ 8.09.20

So been a while since I ate some good meat~ my boyfriend and I went to our new favorite supermarket Food Bazaar in Sunnyside. We specifically asked the butcher for 5 slices butcher special pork belly pieces. These were the thickest that we have seen with the skin on which in Korean we call it “oh-gyup-sal”. We have eaten for Korean BBQ thick pork belly slices in restaurants but this was like 2 times to 3 times thicker. Alongside this, we got some baby bella mushrooms to grill together, some Korean red leaf lettuce to wrap the meat in. We already had some other ingredients at home (peeled garlic to grill together, “ssam moo” Korean pickled radish thin disc slices to also wrap the meat and eat together, Korean chives kimchi and marinated Korean perilla leaves).

Alongside these, I made a quick and easy Korean Steamed Egg (gaeran jjim). Mix 6eggs together, add in 1/2 tablespoon of saeoojut (korean salted shrimp) and 1/3 tablespoon of sugar (I used Korean sugar syrup oligodang). Mix that in and pour it into a small sauce pan pot size and add in about 1/2 cup of water. I added in a bit less water but I would suggest 1/2 cup to make it a more moist and jiggly like it should be which I shall do next time. Put the fire on low and let it cook while stirring it occasionally. Once the eggs seemed to have cooked through 85%, cover it with the lid and lower the fire even more and let it cook for a little more about 5 minutes.

For the noodles, boiled korean somyun noodles according to package, rinsed in cold water then drained. Added in the liquid and the yulmoo kimchi and sesame oil. Then mixed them together.

We set the table and was ready to grill and eat while also filming for our newly launched youtube channel squirrel with monster mukbang!~ Screenshot of the food and us from the video~ ^^ You should try this combo or your own side dishes alongside this wonderful tasty meat next time at your home! Please visit our channel to like and subscribe for more upcoming mukbang shows if you like what you see~ search squirrel with monster on youtube. (Link to channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUGzjQhWNnCOSRE-jy5ILsg)

Also follow my instagram page @squirrelwithmonster to see previews of the videos.

Thank you!~

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