Korean Dumplings

I have been wanting to make homemade dumplings and I finally got the chance to make some~

I decided to make two kinds: one meat and one kimchi as I had my homemade kimchi in my fridge available that is fermented.

water drained tofu and korean green onion

So first made the stuffing for the meat dumplings. First drained the firm tofu of water and broke it into small pieces and added to green onion. Then added in 1.4lb of ground pork with 1.5 tbsp korean soy sauce, oyster sauce 1.5 tbsp, minced garlic 1 tbsp, minced ginger 1/3 tbsp, korean sugar syrup (oligodang) 1 tbsp, salt 1tbsp, sesame oil 1tbsp and a little bit of pepper.

Stuffing for the meat dumplings.

Set it aside and started on the stuffing for the kimchi dumplings.

Start with some over fermented kimchi cut them into really small pieces and drain them some from the juice. I also added in some korean chives kinchi (buchu kimchi). Both were homemade. Then added in minced garlic 1tbsp, korean red pepper powder (gochugaru) 2tbsp, korean soy sauce 1 tbsp, korean sugar syrup oligodang 1 tbsp, korean oyster sauce 1 tbsp, sesame oil 1tbsp. Then added in 1.4 lb of ground pork. Mixed well together and looks like below picture. The meat and kimchi are 1:1 ratio.

Stuffing finalized for kimchi dumplings
Meat dumplings
Kimchi dumplings

Started stuffing them into store bought frozen dumpling wrappers of korean brand. Of course I had defrosted them in the fridge the night before. Made sure the pan was coated in flour and dusted each dumpling in flour from the pan so when storing them to freeze, they will not stick together.

Someone I know let me know one tip was to steam or boil them once before freezing them so when you take them out to eat some later you do not have to cook for too long and will not burst. Of course you have to completely cool them before storing. I will try this out next time but in my opinion it is not totally necessary.

Try these out as homemade dumplings compared to store bought is another experience! *^^*

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