Kpizza and Cheogodzip 08.16.20

Kpizza (supreme pizza with sweet potato and cheese crust)

Finally been able to find a time to meet up with old time friend that is like an older sister. Grateful that she gladly got some Kpizza for us to eat together on her way to our home 🏑 from NJ. We have been well mostly I πŸ˜† have been craving the specific pizza as the same store is nowhere in NY sadly. It is supreme pizza with sweet potato and cheese crust with the best sauce~ always remember to ask for 2 extra if you like it once you try it. Was still delish the way my boyfriend and I remembered it.

Cheogodzip (8 piece fried wings, 16 piece garlic wings)

To go with the pizza we ordered some fried wings from local Korean chicken restaurant. We wanted to try their new menu garlic wings so we got that and some regular fried wings. But after trying that day, my boyfriend and I agreed that the seasoned spicy wings were the best and the ones to only order from now on. Regular fried wings tasted a bit dry and the garlic wings lacked in flavor and the garlic taste was not really there.

Try the Kpizza for sure and if getting chicken from Cheogodzip get the seasoned sweet and spicy wings!

Please follow for more upcoming stories~ also want to mention for those that do not know, my boyfriend and I launched our own youtube mukbang show earlier this month. Come check us out and like, subscribe and leave comments! (Link to channel:

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